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Tovey Artis Limited

Leadership . Collaboration . Facilitation

Strategic business growth consultancy,
driving positive and purposeful change

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Transformative Change . Incremental Improvement

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Understand, define & embed your 
Vision, Purpose & Culture 


Clarify and align to achieve goals & sustainable success


Optimise processes and systems with a people centred approach

Services Explained

Depending on your driver for change, our three service areas listed below can be sequential stages of activity, or individual projects, always collaboratively worked with clear deliverables

1.Business Strategy

Vision, Purpose & Culture – define who you really are, what you offer and how you deliver (always with a people-centric view). Ensure your ‘true north’ and values are embedded throughout your business

Typical activities

  • Rapid immersion into your business ambitions, goals, working practice and set up through active observations, audits and interviews 

  • Review and recommendations tailored to your needs

  • Structure Business, Culture and Budget plans, with a people and results driven focus, to establish tangible macro / micro goals and KPIs 

  • Collaborative proposition development considering sector, market, competitors and service journey mapping

  • Create manageable frameworks for sustainable implementation and embedding of plans

2.Performance Improvement

Alignment & Collaboration- Ensure all aspects of delivery and working practice align with your purpose, values and agreed goals. Encourage teams to be their best and instil a sense of belonging to enable delivery excellence from KPI achievement to forming genuine, meaningful client relationships

​Typical activities

  • Establish a client service philosophy and supportive processes to deliver best in class client experience.

  • Enhance client relationship management skills to aid retention and growth inline with defined strategy, vision and targets

  • Set up HR and employee engagement systems

  • Facilitate New Business and Marketing strategy and structure

3.Operational Excellence

Systems & processes with clarity & focus - connect all areas of the business, so it can operate at its optimum and in ‘flow’, building structures and processes for success. Ensure teams have ownership and agency, feeling valued in their everyday

​Typical activities

  • Commercial - P&L management, revenue forecast / tracking tools, profitably including time analysis and team utilisation 

  • Operations - governance systems, day to day running or oversight of operations including external partners and suppliers.

  • Championing agile ‘design thinking’ and the creative process within all areas of your business including operations, to encourage new ideas with rigorous testing and adaptation

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Sectors of Specialism

Broad and Unique Experience

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Service Sector (SME & Boutique consultancy businesses)

Working with and within agencies delivering end to end strategic consultation, reviewing what exists, identifying growth areas and any barriers, then helping to build the Business Strategy.
Knowing how to set up and embed a strong purpose and vision into a business comes from years of hands on experience in this sector.
The formation of bespoke, tangible goals and actions plans alongside the creation of all operational elements of a Service Sector business is a specific area of expertise. 
Endeavouring to balance team wellbeing and health, with commercial needs via structured systems and processes including financial and performance management tools, new business and marketing direction and best in class client service models.

Wellbeing and Health

From B-corp brand Rebel Kitchen (Nurture Brands) to United Health Group in the US, I have worked with various brands in this sector to deliver innovation change and customer experience.

Retail & Leisure

From facilitating proposition change and product development for various leisure operators such as Odeon (AMC) Cinemas, TUI and The Rank Group to working with Global and UK brands such as Kingfisher, Mothercare and Waitrose on business strategy into experience design, always with the customer at the heart of change.

Sport and Hospitality

Overseeing the development of premium hospitality proposition development and customer experiences for various Premiership Football Clubs and international operators such as MLSE Toronto, Canada.

Would love to talk

Every business is different and their needs vary. I believe that each situation deserves a tailored proposal rather than a 'cookie cutter' approach or fixed service offer, so please do get in touch and we can discuss our best fit

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Creating lasting, positive impact

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Lorraine and I worked together for 15 years, from 2004 until 2019. In that time I had the honour to witness her fast rise from diligent client partner to the most inspiring, considered and forward thinking fellow Board Director. At a time of crisis, she took on the role of interim managing director, a role she fully embraced and excelled in. 


She has the rare talent to unite sharp commercial acumen with extraordinary emotional intelligence. Both internal teams and clients regularly praised her endless courage of tackling meaningful challenges and her determination to get the important things right. I truly miss working with her! I found her to be the most brilliant sparring partner and will be forever grateful to Lorraine for making my life a true joy.

Mariann Wenckheim (20.20 Limited, Director, Shareholder)

DBA photo BW.png

Lorraine has more than 18 years experience and a love of working with or within businesses to stimulate and navigate change, moving to a position of strength and excellence.

Having been a Chief Operating Officer, Client Services Director and Innovation Officer,
Lorraine has helped organisations understand their Purpose and how it underpins
all they do and how they operate.

With a people first and results driven focus, Lorraine establishes macro / micro goals and sets KPIs that reflect their Purpose and ultimately future proof their proposition. 

Partnering businesses via leadership, collaboration and facilitation is how Lorraine loves to work, to help people and organisations realise their potential.

Home: Testimonials
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